AMP Ripped Vitapak Program Review

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AMP RippedAre you interested in being the best athlete you can be,  a person who looks and feels great with a ripped body that right now you can only dream about having?

If so, GNC Pro Performance claims to have developed a program that will help you do just that.  It is called the AMP Ripped Vitapak Program.

Until now, says GNC, every health and fitness program, has left nutrional gaps that made them vulnerable to failures of one kind or another.   The AMP Ripped Vitapak program supposedly changes all that.  It is a combination of four specifically formulated performance pills that offer the specific benefits tht athletes like yourself need.

Although not diet pills specifically, the AMP formulas do some of the same things by helping you build lean muscle, the furnace where all fat is burned.

Almost every athlete runs into limitations that must be overcome during regular training. The AMP Ripped Vitapak Program supposedly overcomes these limitations by enhanced calorie burning to build a healthy body and maximize your training results.

The Five Main Ingredients Inside AMP Ripped Vitapak

Rather than five main ingredients, GNC’s AMP Ripped Vitapak Program features four different pills that claim to target areas that are important to you achieving peak performance.  The pills are Mega Men Sport, CLA, Thermo Igniter 12X and Waterex.

Mega Men Sport is a multivitamin that includes B Vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Its purpose is to help prevent cellular damage from your strenuous workouts.

The CLA pill contains four grams of CLA.  CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid known to help build lean muscle mass and a healthy body overall. This is one of the elements often missing from many athlete’s diets.

Thermo Ingniter 12x claims to boost your fat burning power by 12 times over your normal rate. A key ingredient in thermo igniter is green tea extract.

The Waterex pill is designed to limit water weight while regulating excess fluids.

Can the AMP Ripped Vitapak Program lead to Negative Side Effects?

Some people may experience some side effects when using the AMP Ripped Vitapak program. Stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea are possible. And like any nutritional or weight loss diet pill we always recommend that you consult with your medical advisers before using it.

Our Take on the AMP Ripped Vitapak program

With GNC’s solid reputation for quality health foods it seems reasonable to assume that the AMP Ripped Vitapak program is worth looking into.  It sells for about $70 if you buy it on line  but you can buy it for $55 if you are a GNC Gold Card member.  And remember, you are not just buying one pill. instead you get four pills designed specifically to fill any nutritional gaps that might occur in your training regimen.

The AMP Ripped Vitapak program is sold with a 30-day money back guarantee which means you can return it to GNC for any reason and get a full refund.

That pretty much takes away any financial risk so if you really want to accelerate your training program or just become more lean and healthy the AMP Ripped Vitapak Program may be worth a try.

3 Best Diet Pills of 2014

#1 - Apidexin

Apidexin - Just a few years ago, we'd get excited when a diet pill contained one -- or even two -- patented ingredients. Apidexin has 8!

So what's the big deal about patented ingredients? Results. Every ingredient that receives a patent is proven to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE for weight loss. This takes care of 2 main concerns dieters have.

Apidexin contains a patented blend of Fucoxanthin™, Razberri-K™, Guggul EZ 100™, Thermodiamine™, Forslean™, Lipolide SC™, Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate™ and Bioperine™. Together, these suppress appetite, burn belly fat and help you maintain precious muscle tissue.

Apidexin has a 100% lifetime money back guarantee, which makes trying it risk-free.

Apidexin retails for $99.95

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#2 - Fenphedra

Fenphedra is by far the strongest diet pill (and "happy" pill) available without a prescription. Its fat burning and appetite suppressing abilities surpass some prescription medications. The only reason it's ranked #2 is due to price and its below average safety score.

There are rumours that Fenphedra contains trace amounts of phentermine (a prescription appetite suppressant) and oxycodone (an analgesic pain reliever). After 10 hours of research and several phone calls, we determined that the rumous are 100% false. Fenphedra is 100% natural. Don't believe everything you read.

The "happy" sensation users rave about is caused by a combination of the powerful stimulants and humulus lupus (the only sister plant to marijuana). Concerns that Fenphedra may soon be taken off the market in the US and the UK have made it quite difficult to find.

If you want to lose weight fast and don't mind paying a few extra dollars for high quality, Fenphedra is right for you.

Fenphedra retails for $179

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#3 - TestoRipped (for MEN ONLY)

TestoRipped was scientifically formulated for a man's needs and body. It contains powerful ingredients that rapidly burns fat, builds muscle and boosts testosterone levels (for muscle gain, fat loss and sexual vigor). TestRipped is 100% ephedra, steroid and banned substance free. It's the strongest "man" pill legally available (unless you live in Australia).

Best of all, TestoRipped offers a 100% money back guarantee. Being the #1 fat burning pill for men 3 years in a row now, we doubt you'll be using their guarantee.

TestoRipped retials for $169

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2 Responses to “AMP Ripped Vitapak Program”

  1. Justin says:

    I just bought this product, and read it over carefully, i came home and had a sandwich when i took my first pack of pills, withing 10 minutes my face got extremely hot and red and somewhat of a burn to it, it then moved into my head where i got an extreme pressure in my head, almost fel like a head cold, its been about 15 minutes now and it seems to be calming down. did not expect reaction so fast.

  2. Brandon Friedman says:

    It is actually a 10 day money back guarantee not a 30 day.

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