Chromax Review

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Chromax (or chromium picolinate) is a lot of things, but in the world of weight loss products, it has become fairly popular because its been discovered that it can act as an appetite suppressant.  It has also been noted to help with mood enhancement, increased energy, and in rare cases, the prevention of acne.

Some of these claims appear to be simply that—claims.  Judging by its inclusion into many different types of weight loss supplements, many of the manufactures believe it really does work, or at the bare minimum, they think they can get you to think it works.

You’ll see it marketed by some of these weight loss manufactures as a safe alternative to steroids or that somehow it will increase your lean muscle mass. Those claims are unsubstantiated. This supplement seems to be most effective is in its ability to suppress the appetite.

How does Chromax work?

This supplement is a mixture of chromium and picolinic acid. It’s actually called a “trace essential element” which means these minerals are important to humans but only in the proper amounts.  Many marketers responsible for pushing chromium or a like substance claim there’s a sudden deficiency of it in the human body and that it drastically needs to be replenished.

I couldn’t find any scientific basis for that. It appears that a healthy or appropriate supply will suffice.

These are two minerals, chromium and picolinic acid, occur naturally and can be found in basic foods like meat, poultry, fish and whole-grain breads.  However, when food is processed these minerals can be neutralized which can leave us without or with lower amounts of these vital minerals.

Chromium supplements want to correct this process and replenish the body’s basic needs.  The FDA recommends a daily intake of 130 mcg of chromium per day.  If those needs aren’t being fulfilled, weight loss and other ailments could occur.

Chromium is important because it helps by stimulating the creation of insulin, which aids the body by helping it break down glucose and fat.  It also helps glucose transmit sugar and carbohydrates into muscle instead of fat cells.  When this glucose is sent to fat cells weight increase occurs.

What else should I know about Chromax?

Scientists are still unsure just how effective chromium supplements can be.  As noted above, just how deficient the average body is of chromium and how effective chromium supplements will be, is up for debate.

But most research appears to back-up reports that chromium aids in weight loss.  It seems that it’s also an effective appetite suppressant as well.  A product that lists Chromax or another type of chromium supplement should be worth consideration.

3 Best Diet Pills of 2014

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#2 - Fenphedra

Fenphedra is by far the strongest diet pill (and "happy" pill) available without a prescription. Its fat burning and appetite suppressing abilities surpass some prescription medications. The only reason it's ranked #2 is due to price and its below average safety score.

There are rumours that Fenphedra contains trace amounts of phentermine (a prescription appetite suppressant) and oxycodone (an analgesic pain reliever). After 10 hours of research and several phone calls, we determined that the rumous are 100% false. Fenphedra is 100% natural. Don't believe everything you read.

The "happy" sensation users rave about is caused by a combination of the powerful stimulants and humulus lupus (the only sister plant to marijuana). Concerns that Fenphedra may soon be taken off the market in the US and the UK have made it quite difficult to find.

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