MethylHex 4,2 Review

What is MethylHex 4,2?

methylhex42MethylHex 4,2 claims to be everything you could ever want in a diet pill: fat burner, appetite suppressant, mood and focus enhancer, and energy booster!

Dieting and losing weight is sometimes a discouraging business, and a diet pill that claims to make you not only lose weight but feel great seems like it would be the answer.

Unfortunately, MethylHex 4,2 is not the answer. With a long list of ingredients that make up a weak 206 mg proprietary blend, MethylHex 4,2 is most likely little more than an expensive caffeine pill.

What are the Ingredients in MethylHex 4,2?

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Green Tea
  • Kola Nut
  • 4 Methylhexan 2 Amine – supposedly resembles adrenaline
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • DMAE
  • Sodium Pyruvate
  • Hordenine
  • White Willow Bark
  • L-Alanine
  • Corynanthe Extract
  • Yerba Mate
  • L-Arginine
  • Capsicum

Caffeine and green tea are known fat burners, but as part of a 206 mg blend, there is not enough of it to be effective.

Sodium pyruvate, hordenine, and yerba mate are popularly recognized appetite suppressants. Most of them lack sufficient and long-term clinical studies to prove that they are effective for weight loss and that they are safe.

There are also mood, mind, and sexual enhancers in this list. However, it’s difficult to find information and clinical studies on the majority of them, so their safety and actual effect cannot be determined.

The bottom line about MethylHex 4,2 ingredients is that there are a lot of them to make up such a small dosage proprietary blend. Even if these ingredients do work there is not enough of any of them to have any real effect on your weight loss or happiness.

How Much Does MethylHex 4,2 Cost?

MethylHex 4,2 is $59.99 for 60 pills, and there is no money back guarantee. $1 per pill is steep for a product that has a severe lack of information and research. Without a money-back guarantee, it looks like MethylHex 4,2 is a rip-off.

Our Take on MethylHex 4,2

There are very few reviews available online from consumers of MethylHex 4,2. The ones that do exist are positive. They cite a definite increase in energy and some weight loss.

What’s most alarming about MethylHex 4,2 is the long list of warnings on the label. Among other things, it warns of serious side effects such as muscle function loss, chills, and vertigo if MethylHex 4,2 is taken in combination with caffeine or if you take more than the recommended dosage.

If taking more than one 206 mg pill causes severe caffeine-related side effects, it’s easy to assume that MethylHex 4,2 is mostly made up of caffeine. Yes, caffeine will make you feel happy and energized, but it can also make you feel jittery, anxious, nervous, and cause sleeping problems.

Since there is not even enough caffeine in MethylHex 4,2 to burn fat, it’s unlikely that MethylHex 4,2 will help you to lose weight.

MethylHex 4,2 does not give any information about clinical studies performed on their product. They don’t even have customer testimonials. It’s very difficult to find information on the majority of their ingredients.

All of these point to MethylHex 4,2 being more of a scam than an effective diet pill.

Look below for diet pills that contain proven weight loss ingredients.

3 Best Diet Pills of 2014

#1 - Apidexin

Apidexin - Just a few years ago, we'd get excited when a diet pill contained one -- or even two -- patented ingredients. Apidexin has 8!

So what's the big deal about patented ingredients? Results. Every ingredient that receives a patent is proven to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE for weight loss. This takes care of 2 main concerns dieters have.

Apidexin contains a patented blend of Fucoxanthin™, Razberri-K™, Guggul EZ 100™, Thermodiamine™, Forslean™, Lipolide SC™, Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate™ and Bioperine™. Together, these suppress appetite, burn belly fat and help you maintain precious muscle tissue.

Apidexin has a 100% lifetime money back guarantee, which makes trying it risk-free.

Apidexin retails for $99.95

Click here for the lowest price

Read full review

#2 - Fenphedra

Fenphedra is by far the strongest diet pill (and "happy" pill) available without a prescription. Its fat burning and appetite suppressing abilities surpass some prescription medications. The only reason it's ranked #2 is due to price and its below average safety score.

There are rumours that Fenphedra contains trace amounts of phentermine (a prescription appetite suppressant) and oxycodone (an analgesic pain reliever). After 10 hours of research and several phone calls, we determined that the rumous are 100% false. Fenphedra is 100% natural. Don't believe everything you read.

The "happy" sensation users rave about is caused by a combination of the powerful stimulants and humulus lupus (the only sister plant to marijuana). Concerns that Fenphedra may soon be taken off the market in the US and the UK have made it quite difficult to find.

If you want to lose weight fast and don't mind paying a few extra dollars for high quality, Fenphedra is right for you.

Fenphedra retails for $179

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Read full review

#3 - TestoRipped (for MEN ONLY)

TestoRipped was scientifically formulated for a man's needs and body. It contains powerful ingredients that rapidly burns fat, builds muscle and boosts testosterone levels (for muscle gain, fat loss and sexual vigor). TestRipped is 100% ephedra, steroid and banned substance free. It's the strongest "man" pill legally available (unless you live in Australia).

Best of all, TestoRipped offers a 100% money back guarantee. Being the #1 fat burning pill for men 3 years in a row now, we doubt you'll be using their guarantee.

TestoRipped retials for $169

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Other Reviews:

21 Responses to “MethylHex 4,2”

  1. ARCHIE SHARP says:


  2. Chad says:

    Methylhex is awesome! I have tried many supplements and not found many that do what they say. The appetite suppressant is great, I eat half the portions I used to. My mood and clarity is elevated and clear! I would recommend this to anyone.

  3. Maria D. Marques says:

    My personal experienced is reduced to have taken 2 of those pills.
    Inmediatelly I link the pills with the following side effects :
    dizzynes (deep and for hours)
    lost of energy
    rapid breathing
    heart rate accelerated
    lost of appetite

    This possible side effects should be mentionned.
    Kind regards

  4. Tasha M. says:

    I started Methyhex 1 1/2wks ago. i only exercised 1 day lol but my appetite is super suppessed. I only take 1 pill in the morning, i’ve probably foregot to take it 2 days out of the 10 i’ve been on it & i lost 3lbs, so we’ll see how it goes from here :)

  5. Monei says:

    i just bought the pill a day ago and it actually gave me energy litterally one hour after taking it. i ran and walk which was good cause before i was to lazy to do. im excited to see how the fat burn and weight lost goes hopefully it works if not ill try something else.

  6. Dan says:

    MethylHex is one of the most powerful legal energy boosters that ive ever had. One of the key ingredients is closely related to ephedrine so expect this supplement to pack a punch.

  7. BadazzBeth says:

    Methylhex works. I take it at 5AM and it lasts all day, no crash. I’m down one size in only 3 weeks and that’s without even hitting the gym.

  8. Csabi says:

    If you want to lose weight taking this product alone will not do it. What this product does is give you energy and mental focus so that you can have a vigorous workout which will make you lose fat. I have been taking this product in the afternoon prior to working out and it gives me great focus on my workouts. I do get anxious from it and feel like I can take care of a million things. The only side effect I have noticed is that just before it kicks in which is about an hour I have to go to the bathroom. I think overall this product works.

  9. Danielle says:

    Hey, I’m a 21 F, weighed almost 160 at 5Feet 2 inches, although I wear weight well I always look 20 pounds less then I actually am, I was 160 but looked 140. I just started this pill 1 1/2 weeks ago being the caffeine is in it it does effect my Tourette Syndrome a lil, any stimulant, sugar all that kinda stuff can. Being that I’m not nearly as bad as I used to be. I figured yes ill tic more but this stuff might work its worth a try, iv already lost 12 pounds, it really kicks ur appetite in ass. I like it! I take it in the morning before I leave for work at around 6am and 30 min later and it kicks in. It works for me, but every single is different! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO KIDS UNDER 18, PPL WHO HAVE A MORE SEVERE CASE OF TOURETTE SYNDROME, ANYONE WITH A HEART CONDITION OF ANY KIND, PPL WHO ARE MORE SENSITIVE TO ANYTHING WITH CAFFEINE IN IT, OR SOMEONE WHO’S BOUNCING OFF WALLS AS IT IS LOL WOULDN’T WANNA ADD ANYMORE HYPERNESS TO THE EQUATION.

  10. Miss_Dallas says:

    I took one a day until the bottle was finished (~ 60 days I believe). The supplement seemed to reduce my appetite and was helpful with energy and mental focus. I did not notice any negative side effects, except if you didn’t eat enough before taking it, then it would make my stomach hurt. I liked the product because of it’s limited side effects, mood enhancing properties, energy, and mental focus, but I did not lose any weight on the product.

  11. jesBig says:

    MethylHex is amazing. I called my sponsor just to make sure I wasn’t abusing drugs this stuff was so on fire. I usually take it between 8 and 10 a.m. and have the energy to exercise and get moving to do all the stuff I normally do all day. DO NOT take more than 1. It did make my belly hurt a bit. I have lost 15 pounds in a month and my muscles are showing. BIG time effects

  12. sara says:

    Since Im a huge fan of JACK3D I gave this a try….Im so jittery right now that I cannot even fuction due to shaking. Im sweating but I am chilly and I feel like i am going to vomit. I wou;d never take this product again! I feel so bad that I now have to skip the gym. BEWARE! If you do not like feeling jittery, then DO NOT try this.

  13. spicegerl says:

    i like methylHex4.2
    i lost 4 lbs in 5 days…it keeps my energized but i must admit i am a lil hyper and jittery. besides that, im liking the results. I take 1 capsule in the morning about 9am. I tried 2 once and it was too much… gave me an upset stomach. so i recommend 1 a day in the morning with a nice breakfast.

  14. Daisy says:

    I bought Methylhex a week go and it works really good my appetite REALLY stops. Another cool thing about it is that I eat my favorite foods but I now eat smaller portions and still feel full like if I ate like I use to. I take one after eating lunch around 11: 30 am – 12 pm and even after hours of taking it i dont get hungry at all. I did experience some side effects like nausea, dizziness, sleepy, and some shortness of breath. I wouldnt recommend this pills to children under 16 yrs. They are some really good pills but dont abuse them I take one every other day because I can seriously say they are some strong pills.

  15. Brooke says:

    Methylhex makes me feel jittery and like I can’t focus clearly. Bad side effects. Wish I would’ve known before I bought it that it would affect me this way.

  16. Kat says:

    I just started taking Methylhex… Last week I weighed in at 206. This week with going to the gym every other day for at least an hour and I am down 10 pounds!! That’s right 196. I am 24 and have a knee injury and a back injury from my time in the service and it is awesome! My mom even takes it with me! She’s in her 50s and it isn’t affecting her badly. I can’t wait to see what kinda results I can get with this! OH and I don’t feel hungry! Which is great I am a bored snacker… so this is awesome! I would totally recommend.

  17. Ava says:

    Methlyhex 4,2 is THE Best prodcut I’ve found so far for appetite suppressant, energy to “get it in”, mood enhancement and mental clarity. I love how focused and uplifted I feel when I take 1 pill around 10 am and it last for at least 6 hrs and possibly longer. There’s sometimes a crash/(sleepiness)once I’ve had a full lunch but the benefits out-weigh this small issue. I’ve been taking this product since Nov.2011 and I’ve lost 15lbs. I feel great! Never take this in the eveneing unless you want to be up for a while. GNC does offers money back guarantee and also has a coupon for $40 a bottle. WELL WORTH IT!

  18. Madmike says:

    I just tried it, the caffeine most likely is used to accelerate the body’s intake of the other chemicles in the derived substance. Take time to jot down how long it lasts and see if it starts to last shorter or the same. If it starts to last shorter its just a caffeine high. If not it means that the blend has a effect on your bodies metabolism and suppresses hunger (cigarettes do the same)
    I strongly recommend just using them occasionally and sticking to a work out routine and eating less than 2000 calories a day.

  19. Nek says:

    It sure is an energy booster. As far as “fat burning” is concerned, it does not do any wonders. if you don’t reduce your intake, you won’t lose weight.

  20. Jason says:

    WHOA. I just took it today and yowsa I got energy from it. I did get chills after first hour, but so far no weird heartbeat issues like with other supplements. My appetite is noticably curbed.

  21. sam gray says:

    April 6 will be day one for MethylHex 4,2 which I got from a Dr’s. office, recommended as the best product on the market.

    Will return and tell you my results. Good or bad.

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