Fenphedra Review

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Basic overview of Fenphedra

At Dietpillsreviewed.org we consider Fenphedra, along with Apidexin, as two of the best weight loss pills on the market.  Of all the products out there and available to dieters truly there isn’t much better.

Fenphedra uses a handful of the best weight loss ingredients on the market; the makers of Fenphedra claim it to be a “High Performance Weight Loss Formula”. Now, let’s be honest here, some times “high performance” could be synonymous with “hard core”, but Fenphedra doesn’t contain a bunch of strong stimulants like so many other top-notch fat burners. This is a refreshing approach considering some people can have adverse side effects to stronger stimulants.

When we review these fat burners, we look for a 3 essential things: clinically proven ingredients, a strong money-back guarantee and satisfied customers.  Fenphedra passes all 3 with flying colors.

Let’s look at some of the ingredients in Fenphedra

Di-Caffine is a buffered caffeine salt that is more gentle on the stomach as is also known to have positive effects on energy replenishment. It may even increase mental focus.

Chocamine is a proprietary, patent pending cocoa extract that has the scientifically proven health benefits of chocolate without the sugar, fat and dairy of chocolate candy. Sounds too good to be true right? It’s not. Chocamine is the only chocolate supplement that normalizes appetite and cravings while also promoting sustained energy. Chocamine is one of the best appetite suppressants available.

Synephrine increases the metabolic rate like ephedrine but without adversely affecting heart rate or blood pressure. Synephrine stimulates the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline helping with the breakdown of fat.

Humulus Lupus is well-known in medicine “folklore” as having a calming effect. It’s used in the medical profession as a treatment for insomnia. It also appears to be a counter-agent to some of the simulative effects of caffeine, chocamine, and Synephrine.

Our take on Fenphedra

Fenphedra is a bit more on the pricier side of things but unfortunately that’s what you have to pay in order to get solid, effective ingredients in a weight loss pill. We’ve said this a hundred times, effective doesn’t come cheap. Remember the saying ” you get what you pay for” certainly applies in the weight loss world.

But to counter the steeper price, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This says to us the makers of Fenphedra stand behind the product.  If you don’t lose weight, just send it back.  No questions asked.  It seems like a win-win situation for the consumer.

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