TRIBX90 Review

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What is TRIBX90?

tribx90-150x150TRIBX90 is a testosterone booster meant to naturally increase your energy and stamina in workouts and up your libido.

It sets itself apart from other diet pills meant to increase testosterone by claiming to have the best potency and purity of tribulus terrestris, an ingredient popularly believed to increase testosterone levels.

TRIBX90 makes a lot of noise harping on the purity of their product and surprisingly enough it seems that though their claims are exaggerated, there is a respectable amount of tribulus terrestris in their product at 750mg per serving.

90% of that tribulus terrestris in TRIBX 90 is made up of Saponins, such as protodioscins, the active ingredient in tribulus terrestris that actually makes it effective.

The bad news for TRIBX90 is that there is still  no scientific research that backs tribulus terrestris as a consistent testosterone enhancer.

TRIBX90 claims that tribulus terrestris showed dramatic effects in clinical laboratory testing, but they provide no information about these studies. TRIBX90 seems to be taking advantage of what is popular and trendy rather than relying on proven science.

TRIBX90 also lists other “non-medicinal ingredients” but does not list their amounts. Red flag. The best diet pills usually list their ingredients so the consumer can be sure of the quality of the product.

While tribulus terrestris does appear at an impressive amount and potency, there is no way to know exactly how impressive that amount is without knowing how its proportion to the amounts of the other ingredients.

On the plus side, Consumer reviews for TRIBX90 are all positive. Users site an increase in energy and accomplishments in weight training in work outs and a higher sex drive.

It sounds like TRIBX90, though not backed by solid clinical research, does deliver results.

Increased testosterone levels do come with side effects. Users report increased irritability, acne, and some water retention.

One huge red flag is a warning on the TRIBX90 label that it contains an ingredient considered by California to increase risk of birth defects and reproductive defects.

They also warn that those who are pregnant or nursing should not take TRIBX90.

What are the ingredients in TRIBX90?

  • Tribulus terrestris – an herb popularly believed to positively increase testosterone levels and libido. Though commonly accepted as a testosterone enhancer there is no scientific research to back these claims.

How much does TRIBX90 cost?

TRIBX90 is listed at a retail price of $34.95 for a 90-day supply. It is easily found on many diet pill and body building supplement sites for as low as $17.99. All things considered, this is a pretty good value.

Our take on TRIBX90

The consumer reviews and amount of the main ingredient are encouraging for TRIBX90. It seems to do what it promises, though as with a lot of diet pills, the results may not be as dramatic as the product claims.

Side effects reported by users of TRIBX90 are common with testosterone increase, and anyone familiar with these types of diet pills would not be too shocked by them.

What makes us wary of this product is the frightening warning given by the State of California of possible birth defects or reproductive defects. That’s enough to scare anyone away from TRIBX90.

Other diet pills or testosterone enhancers might be safer options for increased stamina and strength in the gym.

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