Zantrex-3 Red High Energy Fat Burner Review

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Hey you!  How are you?  Wishing you could just be content with your wobbly bits rather than trolling diet websites looking for the solution to nuke them into next week?

After writing diet pills reviews for as long as I have you come to realize a couple of things: 

1) Weight loss requires knowing your body–both individually and genetically.  Is your mom pear shaped?  You probably will be too.  Can you get away with eating that candy bar like your friend Sharon?  Or are you sugar intolerant? 

2) Weight loss takes work and commitment.  Yeah–enough said.

3) Weight loss requires a SENSE OF HUMOR.  You have to be able to laugh at yourself and enjoy life.  Three months ago I was a size 8 and looked GOOD.  Now I’m on medication and am a size 12.  Willy has been freed.  But you know–it’s okay.

Look–the only people with perfect bodies are models and actors.  And with them it’s an occupational requirement.  I betcha if Jennifer Anniston didn’t have to eat lettuce and do yoga, she’d be down stuffing her face with bonbons. 

BUT–onto Zantrex-3 Red High Energy Fat Burner because I know you STILL want the 411 on this product.  (As if the annoying commercials aren’t enough to put you off.)

Zantrex-3 Red High Energy Fat Burner contains all the original energy-increasing ingredients (Heaven forbid) PLUS ingredients to help you release fatty acids from mature fat cells (those you’ve had since 10th grade) and release them into the wild–or your bloodstream–to be burned off as energy.

The original Zantrex made me CRAZY.  I couldn’t sit still enough to write a diet pill review!

Let’s see if this one is any different…

What are the ingredients inside Zantrex-3 Red High Energy Fat Burner 

Here’s what is driving me nutso (other than I need a candy bar.)  I could not find Zantrex-3’s ingredient QUANTITY information ANYWHERE.  It chaffs my rubenesque hide when I can’t gauge whether or not you’re receiving effective amounts of each ingredient. 

But here is what’s in it anyway (sigh):

  • Yerba Mate-full of vitamins and minerals, Yerba Mate may be good for heart health.  It also contains caffeine.
  • Caffeine-a cheap yet effective fat burner that increases metabolic rate and energy.  Beware the crash.
  • Guarana Seed-contains natural caffeine. Thought to suppress the appetite–but this is not proven.
  • Damiana-causes a delay in gastric emptying.  If you feel full, you don’t want to eat.  (Unless you’re me.)
  • Schizonepeta-also known as Japanese catnip, this ingredient is used traditionally as a cure-all–but not for weight loss.
  • Green Tea-natural caffeine which raises metabolism, and catechins for fat oxidization (break down.) Also high in antioxidants which heal the body at a cellular level.
  • Piper Nigum-increases the use of nutrients from ingredients in a weight loss formulation.
  • Tibetan Ginseng-an aphrodisiac that improves stamina–especially in men.
  • Panax Ginseng-used for a variety of medicinal purposes.
  • Maca Root-an aphrodisiac.
  • Cocoa Nut-contains a mild form of caffeine for metabolic rate.
  • Kola Nut-improves focus, and may suppress the appetite.
  • Thea Sinensis Complex-for weight loss–although how is not explained.

Can Zantrex-3 Red High Energy Fat Burner lead to negative side effects?

Have you got a spare half hour?  With as heavy as Zantrex-3 Red High Energy Fat Burner is in caffeine, expect the following:

Headaches, stomach irritation, nervousness, dizziness, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, nausea and heart palpitations.

Our take on Zantrex-3 Red High Energy Fat Burner

If you can’t be happy with yourself the way you are, and dieting and exercising are not doing it, a diet pill is a good solution as an AID.  I would leave this one for people who don’t mind feeling crazy (you know–the people who are already crazy. I’ve a few neighbors like that.)

At $39.99 for only a two-week’s supply you’re going to spend $80 a month on this puppy!  And while most consumers do state they received an increase in energy, most felt sick too. 

The only time I like spending good money on being sick is when I go to an all-you-can-eat buffet!

3 Best Diet Pills of 2014

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Apidexin - Just a few years ago, we'd get excited when a diet pill contained one -- or even two -- patented ingredients. Apidexin has 8!

So what's the big deal about patented ingredients? Results. Every ingredient that receives a patent is proven to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE for weight loss. This takes care of 2 main concerns dieters have.

Apidexin contains a patented blend of Fucoxanthin™, Razberri-K™, Guggul EZ 100™, Thermodiamine™, Forslean™, Lipolide SC™, Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate™ and Bioperine™. Together, these suppress appetite, burn belly fat and help you maintain precious muscle tissue.

Apidexin has a 100% lifetime money back guarantee, which makes trying it risk-free.

Apidexin retails for $99.95

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#2 - Fenphedra

Fenphedra is by far the strongest diet pill (and "happy" pill) available without a prescription. Its fat burning and appetite suppressing abilities surpass some prescription medications. The only reason it's ranked #2 is due to price and its below average safety score.

There are rumours that Fenphedra contains trace amounts of phentermine (a prescription appetite suppressant) and oxycodone (an analgesic pain reliever). After 10 hours of research and several phone calls, we determined that the rumous are 100% false. Fenphedra is 100% natural. Don't believe everything you read.

The "happy" sensation users rave about is caused by a combination of the powerful stimulants and humulus lupus (the only sister plant to marijuana). Concerns that Fenphedra may soon be taken off the market in the US and the UK have made it quite difficult to find.

If you want to lose weight fast and don't mind paying a few extra dollars for high quality, Fenphedra is right for you.

Fenphedra retails for $179

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#3 - TestoRipped (for MEN ONLY)

TestoRipped was scientifically formulated for a man's needs and body. It contains powerful ingredients that rapidly burns fat, builds muscle and boosts testosterone levels (for muscle gain, fat loss and sexual vigor). TestRipped is 100% ephedra, steroid and banned substance free. It's the strongest "man" pill legally available (unless you live in Australia).

Best of all, TestoRipped offers a 100% money back guarantee. Being the #1 fat burning pill for men 3 years in a row now, we doubt you'll be using their guarantee.

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